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The staff at the Kenson Group of Companies doing their part at the International Coastal Cleanup, Carli Bay Beach.

International Coastal Cleanup Day

About the day

September 15, 2018                        

International Coastal Cleanup Day (ICCD), taking place on Saturday September 15, dates back to more than 3 decades. ICCD is a global movement that encompasses 6 million volunteers in 90 countries across the globe.

It is one of the world's largest annual preservation and protection events and volunteer efforts for our ocean, waves and beaches where communities rally together with the common goal of collecting and documenting the trash littering their coastline.

Some of the top five most commonly collected items on ICCD last year were cigarette butts, plastic beverage bottles, food wrappers, plastic bottle caps and plastic straws, respectively: all are forms of plastic debris.  While plastic is a very adaptable and durable material, it also makes for an environmental nightmare. Plastics do not biodegrade but instead they break down with exposure to weather and the sun’s UV rays into smaller and smaller pieces. When these pieces infiltrate the environment, more so; marine environments, they wreak havoc on wildlife and the ecosystem.

In lieu of the threat to marine life, ICCD will be observed in Trinidad and Tobago.

The image depicts the beaches and bays across Trinidad and Tobago to be cleaned as well as the respective companies who have taken charge and joined in the movement.

The cumulative result is not only a cleaner and healthier coastline but also a raised consciousness for accessible actions people can integrate into their lives to promote healthy beaches on a daily basis.

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Trinidad & Tobago amongst the highest contributors of solid waste generators in the world.

Herein lies the problem… and solution…

September 15, 2018                        

The total amount of waste generated per year in the region of Latin America and the Caribbean is 160 million tonnes; with per capita values ranging from 0.1 to 14 kg/capita/ day, and an average of 1.1 kg/capita/day. The World Bank defines municipal solid waste as including non-hazardous waste generated in households, commercial and business establishments, institutions, and non-hazardous industrial process wastes, agricultural wastes and sewage sludge.

According to a report by Worldatlas—“Countries Generating The Most Trash Per Capita”—Caribbean countries are among the biggest generators of trash in the world, per capita, and Trinidad and Tobago has the unenviable distinction of being at the top of that list. Besides Trinidad and Tobago, the Bahamas, St. Lucia, Barbados, Guyana, St. Kitts and Nevis, and Antigua were among the top ten.

 World Bank statistics show that the twin-island nation generates 14.4 kilograms of municipal solid waste per capita per day – 12 times the world average of 1.2 kg.

On the global scale, the amount of solid waste produced by Trinidad and Tobago is 150% more than second place Kuwait, an Arab country 4 times larger than Trinidad and Tobago, with a population 4 times greater than T&T’s.

According to Worldatlas “a lack of recycling facilities” contributed to Trinidad and Tobago’s “dire waste management issues”. Trinidad and Tobago was also slammed for our “pervasiveness of littering”.

T&T’s “pervasiveness of littering” has lead to rises in mosquito reproduction and issues with rainwater drainage. These in turn have contributed to conditions such as widespread flooding and health hazards, while discarded plastic continuously pose a threat to a variety of marine life.

Trinidad and Tobago’s participation in ICCD will therefore be a positive step towards fixing the problem; by bringing awareness to the public to illicit participation as well as to make our country cleaner and more conscious of the environment.

At Kenson, we care and are proud to be a participant in this event and will continue to bring awareness not just to our staff and the wider community but by doing our part in making Trinidad and Tobago greener as we encourage everyone to Think Green!

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Gold Medalist pays courtesy call to Kenson Group

Commonwealth gold-medallist, Jereem Richards, kept his promise when he paid a courtesy call recently to former San Fernando Mayor and founder of the Kenson Group of companies, Kenneth Ferguson and his employees at their offices in San Fernando. Richards was presented with a warm welcome by the staff. Click here to read more.

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Supporting our Athletes

Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee’s (TTOC’s)#10gold24 athlete welfare and preparation fund yesterday (Wednesday May 16th) benefited from an injection from an injection of $10,000.00 courtesy the Kenson Group of Companies. Click here to read more.


Kenson School of Production Technology Limited at the Rotary Club Career Fair engaging students about our Oil & Gas programmes.